Honey Bee Suppliers      V&L Honeymakers
Honey Bee Suppliers      V&L Honeymakers
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The Honeybee Suppliers are a small but rapidly expanding colony! Viktor is the beekeeper and Lucy is Sales and Admin, and a whole array of other people also help us out, especially during the crazy busy spring and summer months. In addition to her sales and admin roles, Lucy is also developing her own skin care range, using royal jelly, bee venom, honey and other bee products.

Following on from our romantic and magical wedding in the city of Poltava, Ukraine, our new Company, “The Honeybee Suppliers” was born, in May 2009. Based at our home here in Hook Norton, we started with just 29 colonies, full of varroa, and working from a rather cramped garden shed and the back bedroom of the house. Since then we have raised a numerous amount of Nucs and Queens, and at this present moment we have 700 colonies and Nucs, all strong healthy and productive and all free of diseases.

We both love what we do, and are passionate about our bees and their welfare. We are also privileged to meet many of our customers personally, and many of them have become friends. We have recently moved into new and very spacious premises, ideal for future honey extraction, with a joinery shop for manufacturing our own beehives, and plenty of room for collecting Nucs and hives during the season.

Viktor has spent his life working with bees.  As a small boy growing up in Ukraine he learnt from his father how not to be a bad beekeeper and went on to take a degree in Zoology and Animal Science at Kiev University. He has an excellent track record in treating bees with varroa and other related diseases, and a strong belief in breeding only from healthy and productive stock